Autumn Action Oekosem - now from 18.000 EUR

Our Oekosem means moister soils and pest control in one machine.

sale strip till

18.000 € Demonstration machine Oekosem 0475      
19.000 € Stock machines 0475 with color deviations
(20.500 € new finished)

Features: mech. packer-roller and tines without wings

Options: Modification with new gearbox plus 6.000 EUR
With non-hydraulic hitch plus 600 EUR

A sustainable year-round machine for contractors, biogas companies and farmers:

✔ Saves time, money and diesel
✔ Retains moisture and nutrients in the soil
✔ Ensures high yields in wet and in dry years
✔ Fights corn borers with special stubble-tool
✔ Prevents erosion

sale strip till

Do you know the Rotor Strip Till System? The Rotor Strip Till method Oekosem creates a perfect seedbed for all row crops in one operation. The untreated strip protects against erosion and stores water. Fertilizing, loosening, milling and sowing in one step saves time, money and keeps the soil structure high yielding.
For over 25 years, the plowless Rotor Strip Till process developed in Switzerland has been used successfully.

  • Low soil erosion or silting thanks to solid strips
  • Safe process for high yields, especially with limited water balance
  • 30-50% cost savings thanks to fewer operations
  • Long-term protection of soil fertility thanks to minimal tillage
  • Improves the image of maize cultivation against the critical population

Can be combined with stubble tool for combating corn borer

The future brings many new challenges.
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Are there any subsidies for striped seeding in your district? Check with your local authority.

sale strip till

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