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Fobro Start bed shaker

The fobro start bed shaker is intended for clearing young plants that have not formed a ball, such as strawberries, perennials, decorative trees and forest trees, shallow-rooted seasoning herbs and medicinal herbs, various kinds of vegetables, and much more.

Saves money and time

The method of operation (identical to the heavier models) has been known for many years and is still proven today in thousands of nursery gardens.

Your advantage with fobro start bed shaker

Standard equipment

Front and back cutting grubber blade with the first vibrating sieve!

The cultivator blade, which cuts through the ground, requires considerably less pulling power. The soil is not scrubbed and compacted, as it would happen by using a sturdy blade. The fine hair-like roots also remain on the lance and are not thrown back in the soil. More of the root system means also less risk that your customers may have when planting them. This increases the value of your plants.

• Second, rear vibrating sieve integrated as a direct continuation after the first vibrating sieve

This guarantees a gentle sifting of the soil and lifts the plants out of the ground, clean and unharmed.

• Adjustable working position or conveying angle of the rear vibrating sieve
Depending on the soil moisture and condition as well as the root you can use it to set the most gentle and at the same time the maximum soil excavation.

• Four individually adjustable additional wheels.

The good support prevents that the machine sinks, so therefore its work is precise. Depth control guaranteed. This is important especially for a rather short tractor size.

• Newly developed wobble hub drive without a direct deflection at the PTO shaft
Direct forces with the least possible mass that has to be moved. This results in an optimal external effect and a low-vibration, smooth running of the machine.

• Interchangeable wear gauge
The blade is made of highly wear-resistant material and the shackle is made of the break-proof special steel. This guarantees low maintenance costs.

• Bearings by means of backlash-free Rubber metal cans outside of the ground
No vibrations = frame damaging vibrations cannot occur. No rotating part or bearings in the ground. It is 100% dirt-resistant bearings using maintenance-free rubber-metal cans near the floor. Maintenance (lubrication) is kept to a minimum.

Additional equipment Accord quick coupling triangle system

Your advantage
If you are working with the Accord quick release triangle, you can order the fobro start bed shaker with integrated triangle or retrofit at any time. Technical changes and products improvements reserved.


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